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The Nanny

First off I would like to say that me and my mother have followed their dermatologist-esthetician Liana from when she worked at Beyond Beauty, and at Atelier SAV both located in Glendale. We followed her when she worked in Beverly Hills, so we are dedicated and loyal customers of hers and now that she's switched over to this beautiful salon, we have decided to follow her here as well. 
Secondly, I'd like to mention how professional she is and how I have recommended her to everybody I know. My skin has been glowing since I've been coming to her, and everybody always comments on that. Liana is very friendly, but very professional at the same time. She's from Denmark, but she's a Russian lady. So she's super interesting to converse with. 
I will recommend everybody to go to her! She has multiple treatments that will benefit you in so many ways, and if you want your skin to look like perfection, you should definitely try visiting Liana!

Ilona M.

I purchased a package that included a facial, mani&pedi. All three treatments were really nice! Liana did my facial and Irina mani&pedi. Both women were very nice and professional and made sure I felt comfortable the entire way. I had never been to a spa before, but I would definitely come back.


Liana is the best! She's highly recommended and she's really good at what she does. Great personality, never pushes you to get services you don't need, she tells you everything she plans on doing and why it's important. She takes care of every pore, every dot on your skin even if you don't see or notice it. I also like how she will text me a reminder about my appointment a day or two ahead. My skin is glowing and now I can't go to anyone else!

Irina M.

I went there to get a facial and a manicure. Everybody was very welcoming and friendly. They make sure that I am happy with the service. My nails look AMAZING. My face was glowing after the facial. I am definitely going back to this place. This is a hidden gem !!! They place is very nice and clean. 

Natasha H.