Liana Mantachian is a dermatologist from Denmark with degrees from both the University of Moscow, as well as the University of Copenhagen. Owner of  Organic  Beauty Lounge.Liana has over 22 years of  experience within the field of cosmetics. As part of her work, Liana uses products that range from Valmont Professionals (Switzerland) to Janssen’s cosmetics (Germany). Additionally, Liana is now offering products from Dr. Bella Schneider Beauty LLC. Liana includes yet another perk to her services, as most of her products are organic and contain all-natural ingredients. These treatments are available for all skin types and conditions, and all treatments follow a traditional European regime.

                      Organic Face & Beauty
     Provides an authentic, rich, and memorable experience through the use of unique treatments and high quality products. These products and services are expertly delivered by a skilled therapist. Our customized treatments are designed to nurture body, mind, and soul. 


  The right care for each skin type
JANSSEN COSMETIC was the first German company to launch care products combining the best from the fields of pharmacy and cosmetics onto the market. These so-called cosmeceuticals are care system products based on multiple, highly-effective, efficient active substances and enable the transition between pure beauty and scientificaly based skin care. Each cosmeceutical series is based on an active substance concept whith is optimaly tailored to a specific skin type and achieves both visible and measurable results. Cosmeceuticals do not act exclusively on the surface of the skin but achieve an effect deep down in the skin. The skin's different needs and requirements are specificaly targeted, leading to an immediate and long-term improvement in the skin profile.